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Bottomless in Bellini Blue on Grasscloth Wallpaper

  • $8.00

Custom designed grasscloth wallpaper print with Brunching in mind. Brunch is better than all other meals, PERIOD.  We will have a meal argument Real Housewives style with anyone who disagrees.

What's so great about it?  You get to have a smorgasbord of options, just like this print.

Omelette?  Yes Please!

Waffle? Bring it on!

Side of Bacon? Why the hell not!

Fancy freaking toast?  Are you kidding me, hell yeah!

We packed all the good stuff into this print and sprinkled in some fresh flowers with a fruit cup on top!  

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Gimme the deats:

  • Printed on paper-backed woven natural fiber grasscloth
  • Roll: 36" wide, approximately 34" after double cutting
  • Repeat: 34" wide by 34" long
  • Pattern Match: straight match
  • Double-Cut: hand trimming required
  • Traditional Application: requires wallpaper paste
  • Samples ship in 7-10 days
  • Paper Ships in 14-21 days

 Don't you, forget about me...

  • We practice on-demand manufacturing which means each order is tailor made for you and is non-refundable.
  • Our samples are a great reference for paper quality, scale and technique, but pretty please don't use them for color matching.  There can be slight variations in color between printing runs so your paper color may vary slightly from your sample.
  • Do your math and check it twice, we can't guarantee that rolls printed in different batches will be an exact match so be sure you order enough the first time around.
  • BTW, I'm a bit high-maintenance, even if you've got experience hanging paper, we recommend professional consultation and installation as grasscloth requires a bit of extra TLC.
  • Find out more about the installation process here.

What Makes Grasscloth so Special?

  • We select high quality wall coverings that are made of only natural materials for our designs.
  • Our wallpaper is eco-friendly using sustainable practices to produce our product.
  • We use only non-toxic chemicals to print and treat our textured wallpaper.
  • Learn more about why we love natural materials for wall coverings here.

 Have more questions?  Check out our FAQ Section.