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About Us!

Lean back in that lawn chair, turn on some '80s monster ballads and pour yourself a daiquiri, welcome to The Sunday Social Club.  Dreamt up by collaborating partners and friends, Jen Lee and Alexis Konczal, the SSC is a quirky collection of retro inspired Grasscloth Wallpaper prints and patterns.
Over the past 13 years, Jen and Alexis have designed and merchandised apparel assortments together for dozens of clothing brands.  Both kicked off their careers in corporate retail, Alexis as a merchandiser at the Gap and Jen designing Graphics for Abercrombie & Fitch during their heyday in the early 2000s.  Their worlds collided in 2011 when they both ended up in Los Angeles living around the corner from one another in West Hollywood working for a Licensed graphics t-shirt brand, Junk Food Clothing. 
In early 2013, Alexis got called back to San Francisco by an old Gap friend/party-goer to work for his little known Men's short shorts brand, what we now know as Chubbies Shorts.  Alexis ran their product development and merchandising team and later went on to serve as their Creative Director for the first 8 years of the brand.  
During Alexis' first summer working out of a garage in San Francisco's Dog Patch, the team started dreaming of not only carrying casual shorts but also t-shirts, bright colored swim trunks and who knows...maybe even Hawaiian shirts! (This was a really long time ago!)  Alexis realized she knew just the insanely talented artist to call, Jen Lee!  That was the start of an 8 year run with Jen designing some of the most iconic prints that built Chubbies into the brand we all know and love today.
Running alongside her work with A&F, Junk Food Clothing and Chubbies; Jen has made a name for herself in the apparel industry working for nearly 2 decades as an independent contractor and consultant designing, graphics, prints, brand logos and even fine art for dozens of national retailers. 
During 2020, Alexis moved cross country with her family to Charlotte, North Carolina and kicked off her work as a brand consultant, eagerly pulling Jen into new projects for up-and-coming brands.  But the two were always founding themselves getting sidetracked with pipedream conversations of their future home interiors collection.
Those that know the duo best might even say that all paths up to this point have lead to the birth of the Sunday Social Club.  Jen & Alexis spent hours of their 1980s childhoods alongside their interior decorating mothers in designer showrooms across the midwest.  Their love for prints, patterns and colors was born in the oversized pages and stacks of wallpaper books and fabric swatches. 
There was never a shortage of chintz, florals, pastels with coordinating borders wallpapering the background of their youth.  The Sunday Social Club inaugural assortment was heavily inspired by that nostalgic 1980s décor but dusted off and amped up a few notches.  Jen and Alexis were excited to create something that was a reflection of their personalities and what they love: wild prints in unexpectedly bright color combos, quirky characters & icons, and over-the-top vacation vibes all-year-round.
Sunday Social Club prints aren’t going to be everyone's cup of tea and Jen and Alexis are fine with that but what they hope it can serve up is some fun laughs, sunshine smiles and feel good energy when you invite them into your homes.