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Frequently Asked Questions

What is grasscloth wallpaper?

Grasscloth is a lightweight wall covering that is made by hand weaving natural plant fibers (sisal in our case) and cotton threads together on a loom and adhering them to a backing that is most often rice paper. It is ASTM-E84 Class A fire rated and free of VOCS, heavy metals and formaldehyde. The construction gives rooms a sophisticated texture, providing an elegance suitable for a wide range of styles—from classic to modern. Variations, knots and imperfections are part of the organic appeal so don’t expect a completely uniform look.

What is the sizing?

Our straight repeat is 35" wide by 35" long.  We offer 6 and 8 yard roll options in all of our designs.

Can I order samples?

Yes! Our sample swatches are a great reference for paper quality, scale and technique. Pretty please don't use them for color matching. There can be slight variations in color between printing runs so your paper color may vary slightly from your sample

Do you have ordering tips?

We HIGHLY encourage you to consult with a professional installer prior to ordering wallpaper for your project. They will understand best how to calculate your wallpaper needs taking into account doors, windows, moldings, and room openings while also ensuring that all pattern repeats are matched. To start, measure the height and width of your wall(s) in feet.  Round your measurements up. We recommend increasing the results by 15%. Then identify the dimensions of the design you selected from our product pages.  For example, if your wall is 9' tall and 11' across, you will need at least 99 square feet of wallpaper, 114' to include our recommended +15% overage.  In this case we would recommend you ordering 2 sets of our 20' long print giving you 117 square feet of paper.

How soon will I get my order?

Samples ship in 7-10 days and wallpaper rolls ship in 14-21 days. 

Do you have installation tips?

Hand-trimming both sides accurately and applying the wallpaper paste effectively are a must. We strongly recommend using a professional installer. A good place to start your search is the Wallcovering Installers Association or Paintzen.

What is your return policy?

This paper is made to order which makes returns and exchanges unavailable 

How do I make a correction to an order?

Send your order number as well as what should be changed within 24 hours to  Unfortunately after 24 hours has past we will not be able to make edits to your order.

What are your care instructions?

Natural wallcoverings are very low maintenance. Dust lightly with a soft dry cloth or vacuum. Avoid moisture and harsh cleaners, as they will damage the natural fibers and dyes. This product is not recommended for use in bathrooms with showers/bathtubs or kitchens where humidity or moisture might occur. Grasscloth is naturally water-resistant but stains are usually not washable. In addition, excessive rubbing or bumping may cause the material to fray. 

How sustainable is this product and your business?

Grasscloth is woven with natural plant fibers and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable unlike synthetic removable wallpapers. In addition, our made to order printing model cuts out what could be a significant footprint from waste and storage. Finally, for every order placed we will plant one of the most ecologically important trees in the Carolinas, the Longleaf Pine.