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Things to Consider

Love our designs but overwhelmed by all the options and things to consider when it comes to your home?  We got you, here are some things we consider when selecting paper for a specific room:

Purpose and Mood: Consider the purpose of the room. Is it a bedroom, living room, office, or a more functional space? Let's talk vibes, what do you want to put out into the world?  Zoom call background, peaceful potty, playful kids room, you looking for vibes, we got options for them all!

Style and Design: Choose a wallpaper that complements the overall style of your home. Whether it's modern, traditional, eclectic, or minimalist, the wallpaper should enhance the existing decor.  Swear we're not just saying this, but we honestly feel that it is important to pick the wallpaper first when designing into a totally new space.  The wallpaper is like the gift wrapping with the present being the room.  It's so much easier to select the rest of your pieces based on the colors and scale of the paper but so much trickier to do it in the opposite order.

Color Scheme: Pay attention to the existing color scheme of the room. The wallpaper should either complement or contrast with the colors present. Consider the impact of natural light on the colors as well.

Pattern and Scale:  We're kinda a go big or go home type of gals, but bigger isn't always better.  Decide on the pattern and scale of the wallpaper. Small patterns can make a room feel cozy, while large patterns can make a bold statement. Ensure the scale fits the size of the room.

Durability and Maintenance: Consider the durability of the wallpaper, especially in high-traffic areas. 

Room Size:  Dark and busy patterns may make a small room feel even smaller, while light and subtle patterns can create an illusion of space. Consider the size of the room when choosing your wallpaper.

Texture and Material: We offer a variety of textures, grasscloth, paperweave, cork and we're adding more to the list of natural paper options.  The same print can look drastically different on our different qualities while bringing so much richness to your space.

Installation and Removal:  Think about the installation process and the ease of removing the wallpaper in the future. Some would assume that peel and stick removable options will be easier to install when the truth is, they are actually much trickier because they don't allow room for error and it is also impossible to shift the paper as you are installing it vs pasted paper allows you to manipulate the placement to ensure the perfect match.

Budget: Establish a budget for both the wallpaper and the installation. Wallpaper prices can vary widely and you must ensure that you have an accurate estimate of how much paper you will need along with the cost to install the paper by a professional. 

Samples and Testing: Before committing to a full installation, obtain samples of the wallpaper to test in the actual space. This allows you to see how the colors and patterns work in the specific lighting of the room.

Okay, let's check these all of your to-do list so we can make some beautiful spaces together!!