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What's so special about Grasscloth?

Yes, what you heard is true, our inaugural collection is all about Grasscloth Wallpaper and only Grasscloth!
Why only Grasscloth you ask?  We asked ourselves that same question when designing into this collection.  Our goal when developing SSC was to offer up something different in the marketplace.  The options are endless when shopping for amazing prints on basic wallpaper construction.  We figured, let's give 'em something to talk about!
Every time we saw our prints on Grasscloth, it gave each design that extra little...shall we say...umpf, pizzazz, sparkle!!  It immediately took us back to that 1980s living-in-a-beach house in South Florida kinda feel.
Our collection is heavily inspired by oversized retro prints of the 1970s and pastel chintz of the 1980s.  Seeing these throwback prints paired with Grasscloth material was the icing on top of the cake.  We love how the natural textures that this quality offers adds depth and dimension to each of our designs.
When you hang our wallpaper in your house, we want you to feel like you've just walked into a tiki bar, waves gently crashing in the background and the smell of coconuts in the air.
Do you need more convincing, here are some additional reasons why grasscloth and other natural materials are such a great choice for your wallcoverings:
Environmentally Friendly:  As a natural material, grasscloth is considered more environmentally friendly than some synthetic wallpaper options. It's biodegradable and sustainable, especially when sourced responsibly.
Texture & Depth:  One of the key attractions of grasscloth is its texture. The weaving of natural fibers creates a three-dimensional, tactile surface that adds depth to walls. The texture can vary depending on the specific type of grass used.
Subtle Variations: Grasscloth often comes in subtle, neutral colors. The natural variations in color and texture create a nuanced and sophisticated look, adding visual interest without being too overwhelming.
Unique Imperfections: The handmade nature of grasscloth can result in slight imperfections, which are often embraced as part of its charm. These imperfections contribute to the wallpaper's authenticity and character.
Breathability: Grasscloth is breathable, which means it allows air to pass through. This can be beneficial for maintaining a healthy indoor environment, especially in humid conditions.
Sound Absorption: The textured surface of grasscloth can contribute to sound absorption, making it a practical choice for spaces where reducing echo and noise is desirable.