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Questions to Ask your Installers

Okay, you picked your paper and you've found an installer...but they've got questions and so do you?  Where to start?  We're here to help.  Here are some questions that you'll want to make sure you both cover before hiring them for the job.


Surface Preparation: Assess the condition of the walls: Ensure that the walls are smooth, clean, and free from any imperfections.  Are you going to need them to repair any cracks or holes?  Will they need to patch and repair any damaged areas before applying the wallpaper.  Does the wall have a texture applied to it?  If so, they may need to skim the wall before paper can be applied.

Wallpaper Selection: Understand different types of wallpaper: Does your installer have experience installing grasscloth and or other textured papers as it does require special knowledge.

Paper Matching: is it a straight match or drop match? It may seem obvious, but your installer must know how to match the paper at the seams for a seamless look, especially for intricate designs.

Measurement and Estimation:  It is most ideal for you installer to take their own measurements of the room and for them to advise how much paper is needed for the project. 

Pattern Repeats: Factor in pattern repeats, is the scale of when the prin repeats which is a huge factor in determining how much paper you will need to order. 

Adhesive Application: Our paper does not come prepasted so you will need to have your installer know that they will need to prepare for a paste that is suitable for the paper quality you've chosen and the wall that it is being applied to.

Cutting and Trimming: depending on the paper type, your selection may require double cutting on the wall using sharp tools to prevent tearing or damage to the wallpaper.

Hanging Techniques: Ensure that the wallpaper is hung straight and vertically aligned.  It's important to avoid air bubbles and wrinkles.

Scheduling: our paper takes 2-4 weeks from when you place your order till you have paper in your hands.  It is best to get on your installers calendar for 5-6 weeks out from when you've ordered.