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Just Like Heaven in Deepest Ocean Black

  • $15.00

We want you to feel just like you're in heaven when you walk into a room with this print displayed.  This Grasscloth Wallpaper features a dusty black base and subtle dark green palm leafs with tossed Ginkgo Leaves scattered in an array of electric purple, royal blue and mustard gold. 

Fun fact, the Ginkgo Tree is native to Japan and symbolizes longevity.  This tree can live for a thousand years and we think our print gives off those calm and cool vibes perfect for any room in your house.

If you're liking this print and want to see a more tonal version, check this print out!


Let's dish:

  • Designed in Los Angeles and digitally produced in the Carolinas
  • Printed on paper-backed woven natural fiber grasscloth
  • BTW, I'm a bit high-maintenance, even if you've got experience hanging paper, we recommend professional consultation and installation as grasscloth requires a bit of extra TLC.


Gimme the deats:

  • Roll: 35" wide
  • Repeat: 35" wide by 36" long
  • Pattern Match: straight match
  • Double-Cut: hand trimming required
  • Traditional Application: requires wallpaper paste
  • Samples ship in 7-10 days
  • Paper Ships in 14-21 days


Don't you, forget about me...

  • Sorry Charlie, this paper is made to order which makes it non-refundable.
  • Our samples are a great reference for paper quality, scale and technique, but pretty please don't use them for color matching.  There can be slight variations in color between printing runs so your paper color may vary slightly from your sample.
  • Do your math and check it twice, we can't guarantee that rolls printed in different batches will be an exact match so be sure you order enough the first time around.
  • Please ensure that you order the correct amount of paper as we do not guarantee that rolls printed in different batches will be an exact match.
  • Unless you're a real straight shooter, we don't recommend this paper for bathrooms or high spray zones.