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Jitterbug in Boom Boom Beige

  • $10.00
Paper Type

We want this butterfly print to take the grey skies outta your way, make your sun shine brighter than Doris Day, turn your bright spark into a flame.

Michael & Ridgeley, you really did us a service with this one, so much so that we designed this over-the-top and oversized butterfly wallpaper just for you.

Our favorite thing about this design is the subtle palm leaf base print and the variety of colors used in each butterfly.  

WHAM! Take me dancing tonight!

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Let's dish:

  • Printed on paper-backed woven natural fiber grasscloth
  • BTW, I'm a bit high-maintenance, even if you've got experience hanging paper, we recommend professional consultation and installation as grasscloth requires a bit of extra TLC.


Gimme the deats:

  • Roll: 35" wide
  • Repeat: 35" wide by 35" long
  • Pattern Match: straight match
  • Double-Cut: hand trimming required
  • Traditional Application: requires wallpaper paste
  • Samples ship in 7-10 days
  • Paper Ships in 14-21 days


Don't you, forget about me...

  • Sorry Charlie, this paper is made to order which makes it non-refundable.
  • Our samples are a great reference for paper quality, scale and technique, but pretty please don't use them for color matching.  There can be slight variations in color between printing runs so your paper color may vary slightly from your sample.
  • Do your math and check it twice, we can't guarantee that rolls printed in different batches will be an exact match so be sure you order enough the first time around.